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Lederer/Messianic Jewish Communications has enjoyed a long history of publishing success. For over half a century we have been reaching Jewish people and teaching the Church through Messianic Jewish Publishers, a division of Lederer/Messianic Jewish Communications.


Because publishing is a specialized process, it makes sense to work with people who know publishing. The quality and expertise of Lederer/Messianic Jewish Publishers is acknowledged and respected. We share this experience with you if you wish to bless others through the written word.

Listed below are a number of ways we can serve you. We join you at any place in the publishing process and maximize the impact of your work.

Book or product concept

Let us work with you on ideas you have for publishing or producing a Messianic book or product. We can help you think through your idea and focus your thoughts so the ministry of your work will be maximized. We are familiar with the "market" for your product and can help you start off in the right direction. Often, a discussion with our staff is the beginning of your book.

Writing and editing

Some authors begin by submitting a completed manuscript. However, we understand that the actual writing requires much time—something you may not have much of. Organizing and presenting your ideas may seem overwhelming. It can be. We help you at this crucial point in the publishing process.

Even if you have written a complete manuscript, most books require some re-write or editing. Having a professional editor review your work is a sure way to strengthen it. We have a team of first-rate editors who know good writing and understand the sensitivities of Messianic books and materials.

Pre-press production

Title, cover, page design, layout. These four elements make the difference as to whether or not someone gives your book a second look! For those who judge a book by its cover (and that includes just about everyone), we can create a visual presentation that will cause your book to spring into the hands of the browser in the bookstore.


Not only do we prepare your book for the printer, we also oversee the printing—from preparing computer disks, to generating camera-ready art, to obtaining proofs, to shipping books wherever you wish. Our contacts in the printing industry enable us to get your book manufactured at the best possible price. Because we do a large volume of printing, you benefit.


You'll want your book to enjoy the widest possible distribution. We know the channels that exist for marketing and distributing Messianic products. We're thoroughly familiar with the Messianic Jewish world; we've entered the Christian market full-force. We even have many books that have been placed in the secular book market. All books we publish are presented each fall in our large, full-color catalog and other mailings during the year. Our national sales rep, along with our telemarketing company, in combination with advertising, press releases, etc. help launch your book, should you publish with us. But even if you don’t, we often are able to work with you and your publisher to help you market your product. You'd be surprised at how widely we've distributed Messianic materials throughout the world.


It’s one thing to write a book, another thing to publish it, and even another thing to market it. Too often, though, talented writers get bogged down, especially if they self publish, trying to sell their books, take orders, collect payments, verify and run credit cards, deposit money, store and ship books. We help you by handling your fulfillment for you. Your customers, whether you are one of our authors or have just placed your book with us, can contact our Fulfillment center and we’ll take it from there, making sure that you receive the funds due you in a timely manner.

Details, details

Publishing involves details. We work with you to obtain a copyright, ISBN, and Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data. Often overlooked, these details must be considered if your book is to have the ministry you want for it.

If you have an idea for a book...
If there's a manuscript you're working on...
If you want help printing your book...
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or write our Managing Editor at the address below. If you would like us to consider publishing your book, click here to view our Submission Guidelines. You will appreciate the professional service we offer. Just let Lederer do it!

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