Donations for Prisoners

Excerpts from prisoner's letters:

"Tomorrow will be the first time that we Messianic Jews will have ever had a Shabbat service on this compound. In fact, up until my arrival, there was no 'institutional need' for one, because there were only two other Jewish believers. One was content to attend Christian services and the other was forced out of attending Shabbat services by the Orthodox brethren. I, myself, have put up with criticism from the Orthodox Jews since I've been here for merely trying to honor the commandment to keep the Sabbath, but wasn't welcome because of my faith in Messiah Yeshua. Since then, our numbers have grown and so has the 'institutional need' for our own services. This victory, however, is bittersweet, seeing that our materials for worship services and resources are small. We are in need of many things to be able to hold our services according to the customs and traditions of our culture....we've been looking for help from local synagogues to find volunteers who'd be willing to sponsor our congregation and help with donations, but have yet to find anyone willing to help get our services up and running like it should. But we haven't given up and neither will the Lord give up on those who seek Him diligently with their whole hearts." (Florida)

"We have a small Messianic group here with very little resources. I work full-time in the facility and make sixty cents a day. We get paid monthly. They subtract 20% for restitution, leaving me with roughly ten dollars a month, for which I must buy hygiene. Of course I tithe as well, but I then save whatever I can for books, the greatest treasure of them all, my Scriptures. I love studying them from a Messianic perspective. You have a lot of resources that I believe would enhance the study of our small group...can we work out a payment plan?" (Colorado)

"First let me say thank you for this Fresh and Awesome Translation of the Word of our Dynamic God. A Missionary came to our Prison and read from the Complete Jewish Bible and I was so moved by its grace, fluidity and prose that I had to write to see if it is at all possible that you could afford me a copy." (Ohio)

"I have been walking in the Hebrew roots of my faith in Messiah for about three years now and it has been the greatest blessing aside from being saved! I have grown more in six months than I have my entire life!" (Colorado)

"I was able to read the introduction to the Complete Jewish Bible and am interested in getting a copy of 'Messianic Judaism' by David Stern. There is not a whole lot of Messianic material floating around in prison and its very refreshing to not read something coming from a Replacement Theology perspective." (Florida)

"I remember when I was a kid how my Grandma (Rest her soul) used to celebrate Hanukkah, Yom Kippur and other Jewish holidays. That was a long time ago but I want to go back to my roots. This is the first time in 20 years that I even thought about being religious. I've gone into our prison Chapel here and talked to some seekers of Yahweh. I even got one of their Bibles but I don't like it. Then I saw a Bible I did like...Yours. I've got no means of support since my father passed last April. Please send your Bible and any other resources that will help me in my search of wisdom and knowledge and truth." (California)

"I would like to begin by extending my most sincerest of gratitude and appreciation towards you for sending the book James the Just to me so unexpectedly. I was thoroughly taken aback by your brief note stating that God has heard my cry for knowledge and has prompted your hearts to reach out to me. That is very special yet ironic. Here's why: for the past month and a half I've been petitioning LORD to provide someone to help me learn about him, his ways and what I am to guys are truly a blessing and an answer to my prayers. I have written to well over 15 Messianic Assemblies reaching out for some type of help. Nobody, and I mean absolutely NOBODY has written me back in 2 1/3-3 months now. That is devastating..."

"Thank you so very much for the wonderful gifts. Truly my heart is filled with joy and excitement. With tears and simkhah within, I shout praise to Adonai for you and your service. Indeed, may He bless you all with His shalom and the joy of Messiah."

Shalom Haver (Hello Friend),

Did you know that Yeshua loves people in prison? His heart reaches out especially to those who have messed up their lives and ended up in jail.

Matthew writes, “Then he will also speak to those on his left, saying, “Get away from me, you who are cursed! Go off into the fire prepared for the Adversary and his angels!” Yeshua was referring to those who didn’t care for the needy, very specifically for those in prison. (Matthew 25:41-43)

Over the years, as a publishing ministry, we’ve gotten thousands of requests from prisoners for free books, worship items, bibles, etc. We’ve sent what we can, bearing the cost of the products and shipping ourselves. We send care packages of books to those who are incarcerated and invite you to share in this blessing.

Please contribute to our ministry (we're a registered 501c3) so we can continue bringing both Jews and Christians outstanding books and bibles, as well as sending FREE books to those prisoners whom Yeshua asked us to help. It seems that more and more people in prison are looking for the Lord, more and more of them being Jews.

We get requests from small groups of prisoners who want to start having Sabbath services, want to have bible studies through Jewish eyes, want to understand the blessings of the holidays. We would like to reply to each and every request and send them FREE resources, but we just don’t have the funds.

Please make a one-time or on-going contribution to help us defray the costs of our care packages, as well as set up a fund to provide resources on an ongoing basis. I know this is something our LORD wants us to do together.Please send a donation, today and join us as we care for those Yeshua asked us to look after.

Shalom, Shalom
Rabbi Barry Rubin