Dr. David H. Stern, Ph.D.

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David H. Stern, born in Los Angeles in 1935, is the great-grandson of two of the city's first twenty Jews. Stern's background includes surfing, plus a Master of Divinity degree from Fuller Theological Seminary, graduate work at the University of Judaism (now the American Jewish University), and a Ph.D. in economics from Princeton University. He taught the first course in 'Judaism and Christianity' at Fuller Theological Seminary and at UCLA he was a professor.  In 1979 the Stern family made aliyah (immigrated to Israel).

At thirty-seven years old, when David came to faith in the Jewish Messiah, Yeshua, he saw that the greatest schism in the world is the separation between the Church and the Jewish People. He experienced it as God’s will for his life that he do what he could to resolve this—it would be his contribution to tikkun-ha’olam (repairing the world).

David set out to write a Messianic Jewish commentary but quickly found that first, a new translation was needed of the New Testament from the ancient Greek original text, to correct mistranslations resulting from anti-Jewish theological bias. Thus was born the Jewish New Testament, which was published in 1989. Three years later the Jewish New Testament Commentary was finally published, and in 1998 the Complete Jewish Bible arrived, expressing the unity of the TaNaKh ("Old Testament") and the B'rit Hadashah ("New Testament"). This outstanding, scholarly work offers Bible readers a thorough, biblically Jewish version of God's word, fully vetted and endorsed by major Christian Scholars (see below).

Dr. Stern also authored the Messianic Jewish Manifesto which is now titled Messianic Judaism (discusses the history, ideology and program for Messianic Judaism) and Restoring the Jewishness of the Gospel (introduces Christians to the Jewish roots of their faith, challenges some conventional ideas, and raises some neglected questions).

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Endorsements for the Jewish New Testament

"The Jewish New Testament translated by David H. Stern is a fresh new translation of the New Testament text. Its distinctive is that it has placed the New Testament documents once again in their original Jewish context. This rendering of the text will only enhance the readers' appreciation for both the thought and the idiom of the New Testament word. Both Jewish and Gentile readers alike will hear the text in a new way--a way in which the texts were originally meant to be received. We congratulate Mr. Stern on this remarkable achievement and wish him every success in the distribution of this new important translation of the New Testament." —Dr. Walter C. Kaiser, Jr., President 
Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
, South Hamilton, Massachusetts


"David Stern's diligence and sensitivity to the technical requirements of interpretation, as well as the cultural sensitivity needed for effective communication to his target audience, have made the Jewish New Testament a most worthwhile work. . . . There are always those among us who seek new tools for expanding and enhancing our effectiveness in communicating the Gospel of Messiah Jesus. I'm sure many will be assisted and blessed by this new work of Dr. Stern's." —Jack W. Hayford, Senior Pastor 
The Church On The Way, Van Nuys, California


"Increasingly, the Church is becoming aware of its need for deliverance from the results of its long centuries of Babylonian (Gentile) Captivity. In our day, a vigorous Hebrew Christianity is emerging worldwide that in many ways is reminding Christians of the Jewish roots and Jewish import of their faith. Most timely is the appearance of this Jewish New Testament, the result of years of devoted labor by Dr. Stern, himself a Jewish Christian and a scholar of note. This text not only illumes the Jewish background and world view from which the Church emerged, but with its extensive annotations enables one to grasp more fully the truth of the Word of God."—Dr. Arthur F. Glasser, Dean Emeritus
 Fuller Theological Seminary, 
Pasadena, California


"The Jewish New Testament demonstrates what its title declares: The Jewish background of the lives and times of the Jewish writers. Stern provides us with a good translation; he particularly explains well the troublesome concern of supposed anti-Jewishness by giving the reader the correct meaning of what the Jewish writer had in mind. A good introduction is included so that the reader is made aware of the issues behind the Jewish New Testament, which seeks to build a bridge between 'the Messianic Community and the Jewish people.' The translation is readable; all citations from the Hebrew Scriptures are footnoted; the choice of Hebrew terms in the text are explained at the bottom of the page. The Jewish New Testament is 'must' reading by everyone to catch again the concerns of the Jewish writers for Yeshua the Messiah in what is one of the best pictures of Jewish history in the first century."—Dr. Louis Goldberg, former Professor of Theology and Jewish Studies 
Moody Bible Institute
, Chicago, Illinois


"I am happy to recommend David Stern's translation, the Jewish New Testament. This is a refreshing version of the New Testament, which captures the Jewish roots of the Christian faith. The touch of the Holy Spirit on Stern's life is also reflected in the scholarship that produced this fascinating version of the New Testament."—Vinson Synan, Dean, School of Divinity
, Regent University
, Virginia Beach, Virginia


"The Jewish New Testament, a new translation by Dr. David H. Stern, accomplishes its intended purpose: it is an excellent medium for communicating New Testament truth to the Jewish people and it helps Christians understand and appreciate their Jewish roots. Dr. Stern's scholarship is credible, evidencing his knowledge of the Greek language and of textual history. The Jewish New Testament is a good, useful addition to the ever increasing library of modern translations."—Dr. Walter Elwell, Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies
 Wheaton College, 
Wheaton, Illinois


"Reading the Jewish New Testament is like touring Israel with a local guide. The unique 'insider's' perspective is fresh, easily understandable, and always thought-provoking. The Jewish New Testament is the best source I know for Gentile Christians to understand the New Testament text through the eyes of Messianic Jews."—F. LaGard Smith, Author 
and former Professor of Law, 
Pepperdine University


"I am glad to recommend the Jewish New Testament. It is a good translation, and is certainly unique. I think it will appeal to Gentile readers as well as to Jewish."—Dr. Kenneth N. Taylor, Founder 
Tyndale House Publishers, 
Carol Stream, Illinois


"Absolutely and without question one of the most unique of all publications of the New Testament is this one by Dr. David Stern, Jewish New Testament. It could not but greatly appeal to the hearts of Jewish people everywhere. As we all know, New Testament Scriptures, for the most part, were written by Jews and, to some extent, for Jews. The reading of the Holy Word as it first appeared in the Jewish language could not but be deeply and movingly appealing to the Jewish heart. . . . God bless the eyes, both Jewish and Gentile, who read these sacred words from the preparation of the human heart by the Jewish people."—Dr. W. A. Criswell, Pastor Emeritus 
First Baptist Church, 
Dallas, Texas